Ahad, 1 September 2013

My expectation about my Programme...

I have a various plan to do after my study but I do have some plan that I have been decide to do while I’m studying. Firstly, I will study hard to my subjects that I take for every semester. Because i’m not from commerce conduit, I need to study more hard than another student. Yeah I think like that. The subject that I need to focus more for this semester is a economy and accounting. Honestly, at the first I study the subject, I feel very down and loser. Sometimes I feel like want to quit from  this but then when I think it again, I know that’s not the best thing so I decide to keep continue this.
       Then, I already decide to do my industry training at Terengganu. As we know, Terengganu is the best country of business in Malaysia and I as the Diploma  Business Study want to do my training industry in Terengganu which base of fabric business like “Nur Arfa Batik”. Then I want to keep my studying and get the best CGPA and be the dean in the place that I study – Politeknik Seberang Perai.
      When I graduated, I want to find a job in Shah Alam with known as industry city. And I decided to open a business that related to photo something like stationary and photo shop. Because I love to reading, I want to open a book shop too I think I can combine a book shop, stationary and photo shop. That what I already decide for my programme along my life.
Thank you for reading and enjoyed your life. Have a fun J

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