Ahad, 1 September 2013

My interest..

Assalamualaikum and good morning J
hi, I’m newest here. Today I would like to share to all about my interest. There many such things that I interest like reading books, listening to song, and as a woman, shopping is the most favourite to me
J and etc.
     I really love to reading books, novels, magazines, journal and everything that be related to somethings that need to read. Otherwise, when I’m reding, I feel like I jump into one world that can’t explain what it is. Reading books also fill my free time and make my acknowledge more and more.
       Beside, I love to listening to the song. People says, every one song have a meaning. Yes, I strongly agree with that. When I hear the song, my heart, my soul feel very calm, piece and lot of feeling. I love to hear the song when I doing my homework because I feel like when I hear the song, I will get idea from that and help me to finish my work in happy mood.
         On the other hand, I like to shopping and the most things that I love to buy is clothes and shoes. Shopping is a favourite to every all woman and they call shopaholic but I’m not like that la. I just an ordinary shopping lover.
        I think my write finish here. Thanks for read and have a fun J       

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